Mein has be making art since she was young. "Santa Claus gave me a set of paints, and that was it", she quips.

In the late 90’s, she switched from watercolour to acrylics and discovered a new freedom in expressing herself. "It just opened up a whole new approach for me” I’m just really more comfortable painting in acrylics. I can do what I want, they dry really fast and I love the bright, bright colours" she says.

A self-taught artist, she moved to Tottenham when she was young and enjoyed a happy childhood growing up in the comfort of a small town. While she did move away from the area, eventually she and husband, Doug, moved back and currently live in the hills north of Hockley, where she has a studio in her house.

Mein has an affinity for painting old buildings, which are brought to life in her Victorian scenes. There are downtown streets lined with bustling businesses, barns, mills, and homesteads.

Many local sites are also featured. There's Lunch at the Globe, and kids playing outside the former red brick schoolhouse in Hockley. The Homecoming is of her family’s (the Urbanskis), homestead near Schomberg, and she`s painted her mother`s store, which was downtown Tottenham.

With Christmas just around the corner, it`s Mein`s time to get creative. "It`s a wonderful time to do inside projects" she says. When it comes to choosing a scene to paint, it`s Mein`s talents that bring the piece to life, but more often than not the subject chooses her. Her next project, a log cabin in Mono, is already talking to her.

"It`s talking to me, we actually have a date." she says.

Once she has the building to focus on, her process is simple. She`ll take photographs of the site, and make a tiny sketch on the masonite she`s working with. From there she blocks in colour and adds in the personal touches.

She says there are usually two boys (for her two sons) and the family`s former cat Fluffy shows up in all her work. She also enjoys painting winter scenes and notes that you`ll see a lot of skaters.