Giclée prints

All Giclée prints are created using archival inks on fine art, 100% cotton rag paper, resulting in crisp and bright prints, honouring the original paintings.

The air is crisp and clean as children arrive at school early to visit with friends or play a game of ball in the fresh morning air.

“Before the Bell Rings” (Hockley, On)
$90.00 Cdn plus shipping Print size 16″x 20″

This charming village is nestled in the Hockley Valley with roots dating back to the early 1800s. "The snow falls gently, the sawmill hums and the 
general store offers its warmth and wares as villagers stop to share their news on this snowy day!"

“Snowy Day”
(Hockley, On)

$90.00 Cdn plus shipping print size 16″ x 20″

Lunch at the Globe (2014)[3]

“Lunch at the Globe”
(Rosemont, On)

$80.00 Cdn plus shipping print size 12” x 18″

Every village has a heart of its own and Holly Lane is no exception. Children gather to admire the snowman with hopes of a visit to the Toy Store. A Christmas tree makes its way home as villagers rush to and fro preparing for the upcoming season.

“Holly Lane”

$90.00 Cdn plus shipping print size – 16″ x 20″

Excitement fills the air as children approach the school in a horse drawn wagon. A little girl stands by anxiously on her first day with her mother at her side. 
The older boys bring firewood into the school preparing for those chilly days ahead.

“Back to School”
(Rosemont, On)

$90.00 Cdn plus shipping print size – 16″ x 20″

Wonderful memories fill my mind whenever I visit my hometown. As children life was carefree and idyllic, a friendly wave from a 
shopkeeper or a cheerful hello from a passerby. The journey to school was always an adventure.

“A Perfect Day”
(Tottenham, On)

$80.00 Cdn plus shipping print size 16″ x 20″

A Christmas tree shines brightly in the window! Children take in the sites and sounds with wonder and excitement as only children can. 
Evening falls quietly on the street. The village is always a busy place, especially in preparation for Christmas. Night is coming and it is 
time to light the lanterns

“My Mother’s Store” (Tottenham, On)
$80.00 plus shipping
print size – 12″ x 16″

Let your imagination take you back in time when Sheldon Mill was a centre of activity, a busy and productive place. A family enjoy 
some well deserved leisure time and toboggans are tested on a nearby hill.

“Sheldon Mill”
(Mono Township, On)

$90.00 Cdn plus shipping print size 16″ x 20″

If you listen closely you can hear the jingle of the bells as a sleigh passes quietly in the night. Skaters glide in the moonlight 
caught up in the magic and stillness of a winter's evening.

“Skating on the Tay”
(Perth, On)

$80.00 Cdn plus shipping print size 18″ x 14″

This wonderful street was a part of our lives for a number of years. I couldn't resist painting this picture imaging what it might have 
	looked like in the 1900's. Our little white cat "Fluffy" is sitting in one of the doorways taking in the scenery.

“Christmas on Mill Street” (Almonte, On)
$80.00 Cdn plus shipping print size 18″ x 12″

Family gatherings at my grandparents farm were always a special time, and what better time than Christmas! With the wood stove 
crackling and aromas filling the air the farm house was abuzz with fun and excitement.

“The Homecoming”
(Schomberg, On)

$80.00 Cdn plus shipping print size 14″ x 20″

Who can resist skating in the winter's moonlight. These two brothers are surely enjoying themselves with their much loved cat, Fluffy, 
close at hand

“Evening Skate in Stewart Park” (Perth, On)
$80.00 Cdn plus shipping print size 18″ x 12″

When I was growing up, a farmer would sometimes come to town with a horse drawn wagon. With those early memories a painting soon came to life. Villagers gather to say hello and a treat is quickly found for a curious horse.
"A day in the village"

$80. Cdn plus shipping
Print size 14″ x 18″
Harvest time is here and choosing the perfect pumpkin is part of the season.
A little boy seems to have found just the right one to take home! "Pumpkin Harvest"
(Hockley, On)

$80. Cdn plus shipping
P rint size 14" x 18"
Established in the late 1800s, boasting two railway lines, 
Tottenham was a busy village serving both the townspeople 
and the surrounding farm community. "The Early Years"
(Tottenham, On)

$80. Cdn plus shipping
Print size 14" x 18"